Tooth extraction refers to the removal of a damaged tooth that can not be repaired from its socket in the jawbone. A dentist can suggest an extraction due to various cases like premature baby teeth falling, trauma or injury, crowded teeth, tooth decay, or infection. Orthodontic treatment also needs tooth extraction. The process can be intimidating for many people, and it can cause some worries and stress in them.

The tooth extractions Costa Mesa is a standard dental procedure that a dentist or oral surgeon can perform in their office. This blog will help you find tips you can use after a tooth extraction, along with the best teeth replacement options after the procedure.

Risk of not replacing an extracted tooth

If an extracted tooth is not replaced with any dental tool, the adjacent teeth will move in every direction, leading to gaps between the teeth. It changes the mouth's functionality, making it difficult for patients to speak, chew and eat. It also leads to straining jaw joints that cause Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.

After the tooth extraction, some people need to deal with resorption or loss of jaw bone, making restoring teeth at later stages more challenging.

Teeth Replacement Options

There are numerous options to use after tooth extraction in replacing a tooth.

A Dental Bridge: It is one of the quickest ways to replace a missing tooth. A dental bridge consists of three fused crowns to fill the space created due to the extracted tooth. Usually, the middle crown is set in the space, but it can not fill two consecutive gaps in your mouth.

Dental flipper

It is a temporary replacement solution that is designed to secure the fake tooth for cosmetic purposes. This removable partial denture is acrylic with a metal hook supported by the gums, palate, and existing teeth.

Complete Retainers

These orthodontic tools are used to correct misaligned teeth. These are designed to be placed on the front teeth and cover the entire arch. These tools apply constant yet constant pressure on patients' teeth to prevent them from shifting of teeth. It helps your natural teeth to remain in their original positions.

Partial Dentures

These tools are capable of replacing one or more lost teeth. It clasps in the mouth to keep the dentures inside the patient's mouth. These are long-term solutions for tooth replacement.

Dental Implants

There is no better solution than dental implants to fill the gap in your mouth created due to tooth extraction. In this process, a metal screw is planted into your jawbone surgically, and a fake tooth is placed over it that resembles the look and feel of natural teeth.

You can get any promising teeth replacement options after tooth extraction from your family dentist Costa Mesa. Their stability, natural appearance, and long-lasting, effective results will change your lifestyle after tooth extraction.